Venice – Framed

I kind of impressed myself this weekend.  Taking a trip to the hardware store here is always an adventure.  The one that I frequent, Hornbach, is a German company and really resembles a Home Depot.  There’s only one problem, I don’t speak Czech and no one there speaks English.  Actually, there’s more than one problem, they also have all of their tools, hardware and everything in the metric system.  That’s OK if you want to do something from scratch but forget about finding a bolt to replace the one off that standing mirror that broke in the move.  (I ‘fixed’ that with aluminum foil.)  Anyway, this weekend, with the help of my daughter, I managed to pick up all of the necessary parts to build a wooden frame for a canvas printout of one of our pictures from the back canals of Venice.  We’ve had it printed for several months but never found the time to go get it stretch framed and really lacked the ability to tell them that’s what we wanted anyway.  So, long story short, I did it myself – and Mrs. NH helped me stretch the canvas and staple it with a regular office stapler.  I’m proud.  It looks really good.  Here’s the back side of one of the corner joints.


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