Tortilla Bliss

God bless the “Homesick Texan and her recipe for flour tortillas.  Here in Prague, supermarkets sell things in plastic packages that say “tortillas” but they’re more like damp cardboard.  Just damp enough to rip whenever you try to put anything into them.  Good for nuthin’, basically.  We’ve lived this charade for nearly four years now.  I finally got tired of it and managed to find this recipe. Last night, after beers out with a buddy of mine, I decided to come home and whip up a batch to accompany grilled pork tenderloin and grilled vegetables.  Man, am I glad I did.  The recipe was chimp simple and the results were incredible.  Mrs. NH did the honors of rolling them while I manned the tenderloin and vegetables on the grill.

I woke up craving them this morning.  Alas, no time to grab one and slather it with butter and cinnamon sugar.  Hmmm.  Maybe tomorrow.



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