The Media Center Ain’t Dead

The Vista Media Center Interface
The Vista Media Center Interface

I think this analysis is a bunch of malarkey.  I have a Vista Media Center in the Living Room and love it.  Docking your laptop to watch shows?  How are you going to surf on your laptop while you watch your shows.  Streaming from a laptop?  That’s what home wireless networks are for.  Granted, I think MS has fumbled the ball a bit on the Media Center.  Setup is not as user friendly as it should be and they need to be hyping the heck out of it and selling it right alongside the HDTV’s.  Maybe they’re missing out on marketing a good product (with some room for improvement), more than having invented the wrong product.  After all, I can watch a Slingbox from the US on my Vista Media Center, stream movies from Amazon Unbox, play Star Wars Battlefield on the living room computer, play all my video files, play all my MP3’s, play all my DVDs, and look at all of my photos.  All this from a 7 year-old Pentium 4 with 2 gigs of RAM.  How many separate boxes/laptops/streamers would I have to buy to do that any other way?

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