That’s How Freedom Feels

I’ve always been a cold war kid.  No, not the band but the kind that grew up during the cold war, laying in bed at night wondering when the Russians were going to launch nukes and blow us all to oblivion.  It was the classic good and evil kabuki that played out in my mind and on the Nighty News with Tom Brokaw.  Now, I’m afraid my little girl is going to have the same thoughts in her head as she goes to bed at night.  The Russian Bear is awake.  All bets are off.

One thing does comfort me.  These Eastern European, former Soviet satellites or republics are showing a large set of cojones over the last several days.  Ukraine’s Yuschenko is thumbing his nose at the very folks who tried to kill him by offering his European neighbors radar warning.  And Poland, man, what can you say.  Cojonissimo.  Was the timing coincidence?  Is it ever?


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