Ukraine Goes Further

The Ukrainians have now offered the US use of the “early detection” radar bases in Ukraine.  While this is all happening, from all accounts, the Russians are only digging in not so far away in former republic, Georgia.  This is the money quote from the Telegraph site that completely mows down any moral equivalence arguments.

“Just hours before Mr Medvedev put his signature to the ceasefire deal, Russian forces blew up a Georgian railway bridge on the main line west of the capital, Tbilisi, an act that critics interpreted as a malacious (sic) attempt to cripple the country’s infrastructure. Moscow at first issued a denial, but television footage shot by the Reuters news agency clearly showed the bridge’s twisted remains.”

Old dog.  Old tricks.

You need more proof?  The BBC, no Bush apologists by any stretch of the imagination, have footage of the Russians yesterday galavanting around a Georgian Black Sea port city.  Don’t take it from me, Powerline has it here. (It may take a bit to load.)


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