Sigur Ros at HC Sparta Arena – Prague, Czech Republic

I saw the Sigur Ros show in Prague last night.  I bought a ticket on a tip from a friend in Texas who seriously knows music and has similar tastes to mine.  He said it was a show I had to see.  I’ve known about Sigur Ros since their first album and have all of their albums.  I just never really settle into the mood to listen to them much.  The music is sprawling, dense, subtle and bombastic all at the same time.  Plus, it’s all either sung in a language made up by the lead singer or Icelandic.  So, it’s tough to find that mood where you really crave one of their albums.  Well, last night I found it.

It was an unusually rough day at work.  When I finally threw up my hands, clocked out and went home I felt like I had been run through the ringer and then beaten with a sledgehammer for good measure.  When I finally took my seat at the HC Sparta arena as the first notes of “Svefn-g-englar” rang out, the conversations of the day were still ringing in my head.  Throughout the show, the music almost served as a soundtrack to my thoughts.  Rising and falling, paranoid and cathartic.  All the while I was blinded by the stage light on the floor behind the band.  However, instead of being annoying, it just added to the effect for me.

The songs that I recognized were executed beautifully.  Those that I didn’t were actually stronger in their effect as I was unable to anticipate their abrupt ebb and flow.  By the time “Gobbledigook” rolled around, the sheer power of the music and density of the sound had blasted all coherent thoughts out of my head and I was fully immersed in the show.  Powerful, unorthodox music sung in a foreign tongue proved to be just the treatment my throbbing mind needed to blow out the garbage of the day.

Call the sitter.  I’m going to be spending a lot more time at rock shows.


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