Obama’s “Daisy?”

This is a pretty good ad.   Aw, heck, I’ll say it – it’s a great ad.  I bet Obama wishes he could plead the fifth.  Is it as good as “Daisy?” Time will tell.



  1. Hmm- I thought I was to be consulted about new blogs. I have to say this is much better than Continental Drift or Shift or whatever—nice work.
    Can’t wait to watch Sarah Barracuda tonight. It’s been pretty amazing to watch the total meltdown on the left since she was picked. By the way- my man Fred gave a hell of a speech last night, no?
    Thanks for linking to the page- I’ll be a frequent visitor/ commenter.

  2. I’m watching Fred on YouTube as I write this. I hate to say it but the idea of him was always better than the reality for me. He probably would have made a good President as far as judgement goes but as for the face of the party – meh.

    This race is going to be white knuckles all the way. I can hardly wait.

    As for the blog, thanks for the compliment. Let’s hope this one doesn’t die as quick of a death as the others when the day-to-day creeps in.

    Keep the comments coming. If you’re interested in a guest post every now and then – or more, just let me know.

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