What I’m Listening To These Days

I’ve had a massive influx of music in the past few weeks.  There have been a lot of albums that I have seen on the release lists that I’ve picked up but none that really stand out.  It’s a strange time for me musically.  I’m in flux.  I’m still on the Radiohead kick.  I keep going back to “Kid A.”  Not sure why, but there’s something that has really hit a nerve.  All of the Radiohead stuff has made an impression.  Maybe it’s a time of transition.

The new Alejandro Escovedo, “Real Animal,” is great.  It has a gritty Lou Reed vibe and the production by Tony Visconti makes the link between Bowie and Reed complete.  Rock meets Glam meets singer-songwriter.  Escovedo just keeps putting out quality.

The new James album is pretty great.  Classic James.  The song “Upside” is an absolute masterpiece.  Perfect for a dad/husband/working man/idiot.  Someone just like me.

I still like the My Morning Jacket disc but it has yet to drive deep into my collection like their previous albums have.  However, I’m comforted by the fact that previous albums have taken time to really hit the mark.

The new Beck has been disappointing.  The beats are recycled and I feel like he’s running out of ideas.  Maybe it’s the whole Scientology angle of Beck that I can’t get out of my head.

I’m waiting for the new U2 disc with anticipation.  I read today that that it is delayed until 2009.  Just put out something good, guys.  Really good.

Went back in time and listened to Bob Mould’s “Workbook” yesterday.  Wow.  What an album.  After all of the fuzz and distortion of Husker Du, it is an exercise in subtlety.

I fell asleep on the plane to vacation to Roger Waters’ “Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking.”  A blast from the past and the sound effects in German are understood.  I must have not listened to that for about 10 years.  I woke up just as it was rounding itself out.  Still a favorite.

“Heart of Stone,” Chris Knight’s new one, is maybe more populist than ever.  He sounds like Mellencamp more than ever.  Still can’t tell if that is a good or bad thing.  “Hell Ain’t Half Full” is an Ezekielian (?) metaphor.  If the rest of the album follows it to the center of my brain replay center, it’ll be a classic soon enough.

That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head.  Like I said, it’s a strange time for me.  I’m in the middle and looking for a masterpiece of some kind.  Maybe it’s time to give the new Reckless Kelly disc a spin.  Goodness know’s the cover is cool…


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