Palin Spreads Her Wings

Some of you may be wondering what I thought about the Palin speech last night.  Well, to tell you a little bit about how big of a deal it was to me, I set my alarm for an awful AM hour and got up to watch it.  I sat there rubbing my eyes and watched the whole thing.  When it was over, it took me a while to get back to sleep and, my wife will tell you, that never happens.

Palin hit it out of the park, rallied the partisans and may have even picked up a few “maverick” lovers that still haven’t decided who they’ll pick.  She was clearly glad to be there.  She delivered everything she needed to.  She added humor and, well, I think the party has a crush.

But this whole thing scares me.  I’m pretty deliberate in my politics.  I reserve the right to get all wound up about things but I get a little nervous when I see the party getting, it seems, all caught up in a person.  People are human.  They’re all messed up.  They will screw up.  Just ask President Bush how quickly the tide shifts when the polls stop going your way.  It takes real grit to survive that – either a person or a party.

Still, the party, and somewhere around 50% of America, got what it needed last night.  Enthusiasm.  There was a lot of talk about the bounce that Obama got after Hillary preached unity.  No one has any idea how many core conservatives and evangelicals were sitting out until Palin joined the ticket.  We’ll know soon enough.

The choice John McCain made in selecting Sarah Palin was a leap of faith.  For the sake of both of them, let’s hope that John McCain isn’t the only one on the ticket who knows how to fly.


2 thoughts on “Palin Spreads Her Wings

  1. At the risk of getting WAY ahead of ourselves, I think we may have just found the answer to the question :”When will we find our next ‘Reagan’?” When was the last time we saw a politician absolutely eviscerate an opponent in a speech, with a twinkle in her eye, and remaining ‘likable’ all the while? A true natural. I was blown away. Sarah Barracuda, indeed.

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