It’s hard to believe it was 7 years ago.  While my experience that day is not as dramatic as anyone living in DC or NY, I still remember it like it was yesterday.  I was at the office when a friend called and said, Dude-  have you heard what’s going on in NY?  We (me and my staff of 4) walked into every office on my floor until we found one with a TV.  We didn’t know them-  had never met or even seen them.  But we walked right into their CEO’s office and crowded around the TV with them-  they just nodded grimly.  We really were all in it together already.  After a few minutes I thought-  What the hell am I doing here? and I rushed home to be with my wife and 3 month old son.  I’ll never forget looking at him sleeping in his Mom’s arms, as the awful news played on the TV behind them.

Do you remember the days/ weeks after?  The fear, anger, and helplessness?  The unidentified aircraft flying up the Potomac?  Anthrax?  It really is amazing how relatively quickly life got back to normal, because in the immediate aftermath we all expected to get hit again at any moment.

It is so trendy these days for those on the left to refer to President Bush as the ‘worst president ever’.   How arrogant and idiotic.  Say what you will about Iraq, Katrina (and I will say much about this in a later post), the economy, or whatever–but the fact is that we have not had another major attack since 9/11/01, and we know that our enemies are always trying.  It is only the most important challenge of this era-  dealing with Islamic Terrorists that want to kill us all.  He got it right on that score.

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  1. NotHemingway says:

    Ah, it’s nice to have you here. The place doesn’t feel so empty.

    It was a day we’ll never forget. Too bad so many Americans seem to have forgotten already.

  2. Thank you for remembering with me! Let us never forget.

  3. Fredericksburg Flash says:

    Both of you write very well. I just don’t understand how anyone could side with these liberal freaks.
    I never want to go through another 9-11, and I’d like to think the Bush administration had something to do with that.

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