Sarah, Sarah, Sarah….

It has been very interesting watching the Democrats try to figure out how to counter McCain now that it’s McCain-Palin, and now that they have had to start treating it as a contest instead of just a coronation.  They are floundering, however, and their continued focus on Sarah Palin, instead of McCain, (and the nasty, condescending way they are going about it) is ultimately going to prove futile.  They are doing McCain a favor by remaining sidetracked on Palin.

If I were going to grade Ms. Palin’s interview with Gibson the other night, I’d give her a B- or so.  There were no major blunders, but she didn’t necessarily wow with her foreign policy knowledge.  But even that misses the point.  My wife watched it separately and her first comment was-“that Charlie Gibson is so condescending.  No way he would question Obama the same way”

Sarah Palin is real, and she connects with so many people on so many levels, especially women.  Unless she absolutely blows it somehow in a monumental fashion that changes people’s fundamental perception about who she is, there is no way Democrats can win by attacking her (or with the MSM doing it for them).  They must see that on some level, but they can’t help themselves.  That, and the fact that the entire campaign has been about her since she was picked, is driving them crazy.  Hence, ‘Sarah, Sarah, Sarah’.  Every time I see a Democrat clearly flummoxed by Sarah Palin I am reminded of this-

Edited to Add-  Watching this clip again, it makes me laugh thinking about Obama in the Jan Brady role-  “All day long all I hear is how great {Sarah} did this or how wonderful {Sarah} is at that- {Sarah, Sarah, Sarah}…”.

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