Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Robot Gone?

Where are all the robots I was promised?  I’ve lived through the hype of Spykee, the ConnectR, and am now forced to come to terms with the Rovio.  Why can’t someone just make and release a robot that will be controllable by wi-fi, mobile phone, and remote control.  I’ve asked myself this question many times, too many times.

As I sat watching as the iRobot scooba, inert, scare the living daylights out of my 18 month old daughter yesterday, I think I answered my own question.  They’re all creepy.  Witness…

The ConnectR: It looks like a toilet – a rust-colored toilet

iRobot Connectr
iRobot Connectr

The Erector Spykee: It’d chase you around the house if they ever actually got it into the hands of consumers

Erector Spykee
Erector Spykee

The Wow Wee Rovio:  Hardly warm and cuddly unless you like being photographed by a robotic manta ray

Wow Wee Rovio
Wow Wee Rovio

Come on, robot makers!  Make me a robot that I can use when I travel in order to talk to my kid, not terrify her!


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