Child’s Play

I’m sitting in the Prague Airport, having a nice cold Czech beer while the world around me appears to be going to hell in a hand basket.  Bombs in Islamabad and the US markets in utter chaos.  No one knows what is going on with the markets.  Everyone knows what is happening in Pakistan, but we’re powerless to do too much about it right now.  It’s enough to make you wonder, who the hell is driving this bus?

I remember shortly after Iraq started to take a downhill turn and many pundits and columnists were looking for the “grownups” to step in and take control.  The grownups were old policy hands, names you knew.  They came, eventually.  They gave us the Iraq “study group.”  Most were against the surge.  Most were wrong.  Grownups aren’t always right.

Now, the question seems like a good one again.  Where are the grownups and do they even matter?  Bearded and bald men are making bold proclaimtions in Washington and hoping to draw the economy back from the brink.  It’s a huge gamble.  But to do nothing would appear to be irresponsible.

I don’t like that taxpayer money is being used to bail out the US economy but I bet I would like the result even less if it wasn’t used.  At least that’s what I’m hearing on the news.

Finally, as chaos swirls around a 30 meter crater in the middle of Islamabad, I’d be lying if I said I was 100% confident to be flying to a capital of a country where Russian bombs fell not too long ago.  However, we all have our missions in life.  That is why I pray for guidance every night.

Might I change something and step into the grownup shoes one day?  Time will tell but there’s a little girl in a Prague apartment that already sees me as a grownup.  Let’s hope she’s right.


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