Quick thoughts… (updated)

**Updated at 5:00 eastern

Well-  I guess McCain couldn’t pull off the ‘genius’ move, but I bet he still has a trick in the bag for the debate.  Should be interesting.

as of 10:30 eastern time.

1- Is it possible that McCain is a political genius?  The bold move back to Washington seemed like a stunt to me, and I was unimpressed.   But then what he reportedly did in the meeting with Bush, Obama, and the congressional leaders- almost single-handedly (sp) stalled any agreement by seeming (or at least wanting to remain open) to side  with the House Republicans on an alternative plan- is either genius or stupid.   I trust Paulson and Bernanke (and almost none of the elected leaders that have been in front of microphones on this), and I believe their plan is needed to keep a recession from becoming something much, much worse.  Imagine this scenario-  sometime late this afternoon, McCain holds a press conference and says, “After much study and consultation I believe we need to pass the Paulson plan and I have have been working all day with the House Republicans to make sure that we get some changes to the plan to address their concerns.  There is now agreement among all of the parties as to the plan and I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to pass it immediately so the we can begin to provide the much-needed liquidity to the economy.  Now that we have succeeded in getting all of the parties on board with this plan-  which addresses the most mortal danger to our economy since the Great Depression- I am going to fly to Mississippi to have a foreign policy discussion with my good friend Barack Obama.”  Then he gets to the debate about 30 minutes late, cameras following his motorcade from the airport-  and makes a grand entrance as the Great Saviour of the economy.  Would Obama stand a chance if anything like that plays out?

2- McCain better hope that other issues dominate the debate for the next 40 days, because counter to my initial feelings, I now believe Palin to be a liability.  I have been surprised at her inability to have any sort of conversational dialogue with any of her interviewers.  She seems way too nervous and way too rehearsed.  And she gets the deer-in-the-headlights look too often.  I can’t tell if she really has as little knowledge on many subjects, or if she has just been browbeat into saying nothing other than her prescribed talking points.  I continue to think she is smart.  They need to cut her loose to be herself and say what she believes.  Sure she will screw up and have some gaffes, but for goodness sake look at Biden!  She couldn’t mess up more than the gaffe-machine.  They love her in Alaska.  I’m sure she has a great, engaging personality.  Let her be herself and take your chances.

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