It’s Broke – Fix It.

The House defeated it.  Was it right?  I have absolutely no idea.

Are you voting in this election?  Have things gotten better since Pelosi took control?  Remember, that was the cure-all to ‘Bush-as-President.’  She had big promises, right?  Change?  I sense a pattern.

Think twice in front of the touchscreen or the chad puncher.  (Are there still Chads, voting or otherwise, in America?  I can only imagine the name has gone down in popularity.)



  1. No, it was not right. I can’t believe they (all of them) allowed it to happen. You see what the markets think- down 700 as we speak. I can’t decide if they just don’t get it, or they are so ingrained in the partisan-politics world that they can’t see past it. Where is the leader to step in and grab these knuckleheads by the lapels and shake them? Bush is worthless as a lame duck at this point. I thought McCain was on the right track last week but it appears not. Obama has looked like a shrinking violet- when he is not taking credit for anything remotely positive that happens.
    I am so angry about this. I hate that we have to do the bailout (not really a bailout- I will have a post on that later)- but we do. The other option really is Great Depresssion Lite. I have no desire for that to be the next ten years of our life.

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