As usual…

Victor Davis Hanson says whay I am thinking better than I can-

The stage is set for someone to play Washington, Lincoln, or Churchill. An entire generation of leadership is failing, as the world watches aghast.

Greedy Wall Street hot shots are worse than discredited.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi at the hour of national crisis proved why she may well be the worst House Speaker in the history of the Congress.

The more Sen. Dodd and Rep. Frank shout and demagogue in front of the cameras, the more desperate we know they are to talk their way out of their own past reckless and unprincipled conduct.

Lame duck President Bush is spent, tired and knows only that he will blamed for something he tried to prevent.

Sec. Paulson thought he could bark out orders at Treasury and expect underlings to snap to attention as they did once for him as Goldman Sachs. And when they didn’t, in vain he went to one knee — arrogance to fawning in a matter of hours.

The utterly corrupt Left-wing members of the House who green-lighted the thievery at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that started the panic will be lucky if they are not targets of a special prosecutor.

Free-market Republican House members gave high-minded speeches and then panicked in the face of populist outrage just when the country needed their calm, hand-in-glove with Democratic House ideologues — the one claiming we are getting socialism, the other robber-baron capitalism.They are as  captive to public outrage over the bailout now as they soon will be to the  next phase of outrage over shattered retirement accounts.

Barack Obama is again voting present, clueless while trying to act cool, waiting for calls, and issuing hourly contradictory statements adjusted to perceived CNN punditry and Drudge headlines.

Somewhere, somehow the American people need a steady voice of experience to rise above politics, stop the bickering, calm the country, get the proper guarantees passed, promise the needed reform — and so lead and inspire.

Can John McCain seize the moment and transcend the campaign?

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