More Crete: Milia and Elafonissi Beach

We’re having technical difficulties out on the road.  It is keeping me from surveying the carnage on the US financial markets from the comfort of my beach chair.  I’m thankful.  The only downside is that it makes posting a little more difficult.  No matter.  The juxtaposition of this vacation with the state of the world is enough to tilt the cosmos into utter chaos anyway.

Yesterday was miles away from reality and we loved it.  We headed to an organic farm/restaurant/hotel named Milia in the Cretan mountains.  There we had snails, salad with sesame dressing, local cheese, wine, fried zucchini patties, roasted eggplant with local cheese and for dessert, grapes marinated in honey with sips of raki and Greek coffee on the side.  It was delicious.  Mixed with scenery, it was impossible to beat.

After that, we headed to Elafonissi Beach.  It’s at the southwestern tip of Crete and is a huge sandbar.  Little NH walked out around 30 yards from the beach and was just up to her shoulders.  It was gorgeous and like nothing any of us had ever seen.  As we were leaving, Little NH waved and said, “Bye, beach!”  You could say she’s enjoying herself.  So are we.


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