Primal Scream at the Roxy, Prague, CZ, 10/03/08

It was the perfect setting and circumstance for a concert.  A Friday night after a big but successful work week and one night before a 9 day vacation.  Pretty much impossible to beat.

Primal Scream came out and lived up to the expectations as well.  Five guys on stage that really rocked the tiny Club Roxy.  I don’t imagine there were even 500 people in this club – but it was full.  Everyone there seemed to be enjoying the show.

The band came and played the songs fast, furious and one on top of the other.  Bobby Gillespie, looking like he had just woken from a 2 week nap, rambled onto stage and lazily, yet succinctly hit every note and every word.  Just what one would expect.  The rest of the band thundered through the set adding punch and skillfully executing the songs.

Highlights were Loaded’s, “Movin’ on Up” and Riot City Blues’ “Country Girl.”  But to single out a couple of songs misses the point.  The show, clocking in at a short 90 minutes, was a sweaty, fist pumping, chorus singing extravaganza.  It was a great end to a week and a great first night of vacation.

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