Food Tip

I’ve been off the blogging trail for about two weeks.  Good reasons, though.  Visits with family, a trip to Barcelona and a few shortened but very productive work weeks.  It’s good to be back, though and the time away has given me plenty of fodder to add posts for the next several days.

Here’s one.

During those abbreviated work weeks I’m guilty of looking at a few blogs that have nothing to do with my work during the day.  Some political, some tech and one that is all food.  It’s and man, does it rock.  Lots of regular posts and some awesome food spotlights and recipes.  I hardly every go away disappointed.  In fact, the day after we got back from the Crete vacation, I opened it up and the first thing that popped up was this Roasted Tomato, Shrimp and Feta recipe.  We made it a few nights later.  Yum.

Do yourself a favor, bookmark the site.  Visit early and visit often.  Kinda like registering with Acorn and voting for Obama – but tastier.


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