It seems fitting.  My wife is out, the election is in its death throws, the kiddo is asleep and I am sitting in front of the tube watching election coverage and – I have nothing.  No post.  No big ideas.  No closing arguments.  I got nuthin’.

Maybe I spent it all this weekend.  Mrs. NotHemmingway and I were out with firends not from America – save one.  That one is an Obama supporter.  Long story short, at the big round table during dinner I sustained plenty of guffaws about which way I’m voting and stereotypical jabs about being a Republican.  I sat through them until about 1 am.

Then, I popped.  All the statistics I have read in this election season came trumpeting out – met with quizzical buzzed looks (and even some retreats to the darker corners of the bar by the British and Aussie contingent).  No minds were changed but I think a point was made.

My guy has more than hope and change.  He has history.  He’s made it, he’s lived it and, let’s hope, he can change the course of it.

There, I did have something after all.  Happy 100th post, dear readers.


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