MS Supports the Troops

A Microsoft buddy of mine just sent me this:

We’re doing something very cool at Microsoft this weekend.  We’re sponsoring, with the USO, a Salute to the Troops weekend in NYC starting Friday.  I don’t get to go unfortunately, but its cool.  Taking about 60 wounded warriors up from Walter Reed on Friday.  They get a Coast Guard cutter tour around Manhattan (with Carmen Electra).  Then we bus them to Little Italy where they’re having lunch with Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos.  Then a private ceremony at Ground Zero where they are presented flags that have flown.  Finally Sunday Microsoft rented out Radio City Music Hall and they get a private showing of the Christmas Spectacular Show there.  It’ll be pretty awesome.

Great stuff, bub.  Amid all the election goings on, it’s easy to forget why this is all going on – freedom.  And these are the guys that secure it.  It’s the least they deserve.  Think of them when you’re sizing up charitable contributions for the year.

Here’s a little more on the goings on if you’re interested.


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