U23D in Prague


I went to see U23D with Mrs. Nothemingway last night.  We hemmed and hawed about weekend plans but, after much backing and forthing, I insisted on going to U23D.  After the show was over, the Mrs. was very happy I did.

First off, we saw U2 in Berlin during the Vertigo tour.  This was essentially the same setlist (slightly abbreviated) that we saw there.  During that show, we were only 10-15 rows back so many of the shots from the crowd were like reliving that show.

The cinematography in the film is amazing and over the top – like a mix of U2 and 3D should be.  The band members appear to be standing on your lap and it’s even more fun to see their interaction ‘up close.’

I have only one gripe and it’s not with the film – it’s with the band.  For the love of all things human, drop “Bullet the Blue Sky” from the setlist next tour!  We get it that you went to El Salvador and didn’t/don’t like American foreign policy.  But do you have to beat us over the head with it every show?  Bring back some more “Pop” or “Zooropa” on the next tour instead.  Please, just drop that bloody song.

All of that aside, U23D is as close to a masterpiece of concert film as is possible.  The sound mix is incredible, the visuals stunning all helped by the fact that on these nights, U2 dialed in a great set of performances.  Even the normally subdued Adam Clayton seems more vibrant in 3D.

It will be interesting to see if this format catches on and if it will be available in a home version anytime soon.  My bet, yes.  Time to buy a new TV.

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