Long Winter’s Nap

It seems like I’ve been taking a bit of a blogging nap of late.  In truth, I was back in Russia just last week and the time before that was spent, sweaty palmed, focusing on the upcoming trip.  I gave a presentation on “new media” to a bunch of experts in the field.  I was more than a little nervous knowing that I would be giving a presentation to my peers – of much higher rank.  In classic fashion, however, I swallowed hard, believed in myself and gave the presentation of my life.   It was truly incredible to be in the middle of the presentation, completely nerve free, focused on each slide and seeing my peers nodding in agreement.

I wish I could do it more often.  It was a real boost to my confidence and total adrenaline buzz above all.

Russia is another story altogether.  It’s looking bad there.  Not only because it’s December and the overabundance of gray is stupefying, but the feeling in the air is of something that has run its course.  There are going to be some big changes there in the coming months and years.  I don’t imagine they’ll be changes that we’ll love.

At any rate, it’s great to be back with my family getting into the Christmas spirit.  There’s bound to be a lot of food and drink in the coming weeks so stay tuned and come with an empty stomach if you dare!


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