Pivovarsky Klub

My wife is a very smart woman.  She knows how her husband thinks and operates.  Like a Golden Retriever, she knows her husband’s life revolves around a work/reward system with the reward most likely being good food and drink at the completion of the task at hand.  Saturday, the task was Christmas shopping and the reward was Pivovarsky Klub.

Pivovarsky Klub has been in Prague for quite awhile.  Luckily, my wife figured out that we should actually make the effort to go there and give it a shot.  Man, am I glad we did.  It was truly a beer hall for the whole family.  There were 6 local specialty brews on tap and a New Testament- thick menu of other beers from around the world.  The bulk of them were Belgian.  There was no need to order any of the Belgian beers on this trip, however.  For about 35 Korunas ($1.75) you could get a 0.3 or 0.5 liter glass of some of the yummiest local brews in the area.

The menu itself was also a Czech delight.  Lots of good roasted meats (a beautiful looking pork knee) and some truly tasty goulashes.   Mrs. NH had the classic goulash (she said it was a little tough) and I had the venison goulash with tasty potato croquettes.  After a couple good hours of goofing around with our little rug rat while enjoying some incredible beers (7-8?) , the bill came.  It was less than 700 Korunas ($35)!  An incredible deal.

If you’re in Prague, this place is well worth your while.  After you have the good local brews you can stock up on the off-sale Belgian and German brews in the fridge on the top floor for a reasonable price.  We did.  No doubt, this year the Holidays will have a creamy, heady finish.  Mmmmmm, beer.

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