Oasis in Berlin 01/18/09: A Short Review

It’s been a long time since I saw the show.  I haven’t written a review because I really didn’t know what to say.  So here goes.

The acoustics at the venue were horrible.  I had a so, so spot on the right side and never really got the visuals from the stage.  I am, by no means, a die hard Oasis fan.  So, I was content to stand there and take it all in while belting out a few of the hits along with the rest of the crowd.  In that respect it was a great show.  The thing that really brought it down were Liam’s vocals.  They seemed off-key and, adding insult to injury, they were mixed too far up.  So, in every Liam fronted song, you were blasted with bad vocals.  Noel, on the other hand, was a rock.  Scientific in his guitar work and workmanlike in his vocals.  Were it not for him and the rest of the crew, it might have been a bad show.  But it wasn’t, not bad at all.  Kind of like Oasis in general.  Nothing brilliant but not a bad way to pass a couple hours.

A classic Oasis temper tantrum happened when Liam couldn’t hit the high notes during “I’m Out of Time”.  The freak out happens at about 1:40 on the clip below.  I saw him go berate the sound man after that.  Dude, he doesn’t manage your voice.


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