Almendro 13 – One of the Spanish Seven Wonders

Almendro 13 - La Latina - Madrid, Spain
Almendro 13 - La Latina - Madrid, Spain

I can’t count how many times I’ve been to Almendro 13.  I can’t even count how many people I have sent there when they tell me they’re going to Madrid.  You would think with all of that exposure, I’d be over it.  You might never guess that I would go there twice in the course of three days with a near miss of a third time.  Well, we did.  It is just that good.  Not only did we go there twice, we had the exact same thing twice.  Manzanilla, olives, and Huevos Rotos.  Simple flavors and an incredible parade of richness over the palette.  The green painted interior matching the flavor of the olives, with the shiny brass fixtures highlighting the bite of the Manzanilla and the wood bar and yellow painted walls capturing the savory essence of the bright yolks of the eggs, saltiness of the jamón and perfectly cooked, just thicker than a potato chip, slices of potato.

Yes, I realize the prose is a bit heady but I think it’s befitting of a place that is so deceptively casual as to ambush your senses with color, flavor and smell and make you even consider a third visit in one short trip to Madrid.  Go – and return often.

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