I’ve Gone Crackers

I just made 2 batches (4 cookie sheets full) of crackers.  One batch of rosemary olive oil and one batch of cream Parmesan.  (The proportions of liquid to flour are the same in both recipes.  I put 2 hand fulls of Parmesan in the cheese batch.)


1) It was on the Mark Bittman blog, 2) My daughter has a milk allergy, 3) good crackers are $4.50 a box over here, 4) there are very few good crackers in this country anyway and 5) hell, it’s Friday night and it beats having a gambling addiction.

I’m pretty pleased with them all in all.  The batches cooked a little differently because of the ingredients.  The olive oil batch crisped up better and I had to throw the cream and Parmesan batch in after they were broken up for a quick crisping.  The rosemary batch tastes like “pita chips” that we always hoard on our trips to Greece.  The cream and Parma batch taste like White Cheese Cheez-Its.  Not bad for a first try.  Having the option to keep dairy out is also a boon for the belly of my little soon-to-be-two-year-old.

OK, going to make some lamb chops now.  The U2 catalogue is in heavy rotation and the Chilean red wine is, uh, open.

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