Politics Bore Me, Food Does Not

I’m not a political junkie anymore.  I don’t give two spits about domestic politics in the least.  I’m bored with it.  Yeah, yeah, I know it is a critical time in the history of the US of A but it just doesn’t interest me.  I tried to watch Obama’s appearance on Leno and it just bored me.  They say that he is a great speaker but I just don’t see it.  Really, I’ve tried.  But about 2 minutes after he opens his mouth I get sick of trying to concentrate on his platitudes and just change the channel.  I’m still interested in international politics, though.  There is some crazy stuff going on out there and I’m pretty glued to the Internetz, waiting for the next twist in the plot.  But it doesn’t gobble up the same amount of time as domestic politics used to.

So, what do I do to occupy the time that used to be devoted to domestic politics?  I’ve increased my interest in food.  Food blogs, recipes, pictures, restaurants, ingredients, hours in the kitchen, puttering in the pantry and excursions deep into the cupboards for long-hoarded, seldom-used ingredients.  I’m talking about food with my family and friends on e-mail and 50% of the messages to my wife involve food.  The other 50% involve my kid.  I came home and made a batch of basil garlic crackers with my daughter last night.  I was home about four minutes before she was stirring a bowl of flour.  I’m obsessed.

I guess it is because food is something I can do where I can really control the outcome.  There’s a beginning, middle and end and it’s a great reward.  I actually understand food.  It takes my mind off the other crap going on and fills my belly with happiness.  I’ll be in Kyiv for work next week and am already planning where to eat after my daily meetings.  There’s a great place for Belgian beer and mussels just down the street from my hotel and a really good (yet cheap) place that served some really good duck when I was last there.  Then there are the green apples that the hotel has for guests.  Apples – Ukrainian apples – yes, I’m that obsessed.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Hillary who?

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