Truffle Linguine

We had a friend stay for dinner last night and decided to put some more truffles to use.  This time, we whipped out the hand-crank pasta maker and made some fresh linguine.  Of course, man cannot live by pasta alone so we did starters of prosciutto wrapped bread sticks dipped in truffle oil and foie gras on wheat toast with a balsamic-honey reduction.  I got some great shots of the production phase but by the time the meal hit the plate the time for photography was long past.  Having a lightly chilled Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico waiting to pour and a steaming plate of fresh linguine with truffle cream sauce proved too much to withstand for this blogger and the results are only a tasty memory.

It was an incredible meal spent with a great friend.  It’s actually fun to have someone else there to confirm our brilliance in the kitchen for a change!




2 thoughts on “Truffle Linguine

  1. You’re killing us with all this truffle this and truffle that. Don’t you realize that your comrades back state-side are having to make do with bread and water? And I hear soon even that will be rationed.

  2. Sorry, Dewey. I’m spending all of my money on food and drink before I’m considered “rich” by this administration and taxed like a, um, European. As for the bread and water, Czech bread leaves a lot to be desired and the water, well, after years of communist farming practices, the water table here contains more heavy metals than the rock and roll hall of fame.

    Good site, by the way. Lots of work to keep that up, I’ll bet. Thanks for the visit!

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