Weltenburger Kloster Beer

On our way home from Lindau last weekend, we stopped into the Weltenburger Kloster for some monk brewed Dunkel and rib stickin’ German food.  I had the trout and Mrs NH had the veal cutlets, if I recall correctly.  The food was good but the beer was the star.  You may remember that I happened on the beer a few weeks back when I got a small keg of it from somebody at work.  Since we were in the neighborhood, we had to see the place itself.

It’s a beautiful area in the middle of lush pastures and rolling hills.  About a 10 minute walk from the (tour bus laden) parking lot you get to the abbey and the monastery itself.  The grounds in the middle are packed with picnic tables and German waitresses are slinging beer and hearty food from all angles.  It was a great stop and even greater that Mrs. NH let me indulge in a few extra beers and she drove the last leg home.  Here’s what the main event looked like:



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