“Snakes” in Kyiv

No, it’s not the normal place that comes to mind when you think of snakes.  But they’re here.  Really.  Just look on the 3rd page of the Belle-Vue restaurant menu.  You’ll see it there plain as day.  “Snakes.”  Oh, maybe they meant “snacks.”  Hmmm…  Then I guess the “rise” was just rice?  Ok, ok, I know I shouldn’t make fun but it’s just too obvious.

The other thing that strikes me about this town is the amount of (expensive) cars parked on the sidewalk.  Most often they have a big light on the dash that they can light up when the oligarch going gets rough.

Truth be told, I love this town.  The weather is great.  Dinner was excellent, the people are tolerant and even the experience of buying a water and a beer from a corner Kiosk in awful Russian was fun.  Cheers to the lady who sold it to me and tolerated my horrible accent.  Hopefully she’s laughing with her family at the silly American.

All I can say is, I should have bought some “snakes.”


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