La Casa Andina, Prague

It seems I can’t blog enough today.  I sit in a Kyiv hotel room after a great dinner (more about that later) and just keep thinking of things.  The latest blip on my screen is La Casa Andina.  Mmmmmm, La Casa Andina.

The family and I saddled up for a trip downtown last Saturday after a particularly inspiring episode of “Dora the Explorer.”  We ended up at La Casa Andina.  What ensued was a trip to Peru, hosted by the friendliest Cubanos the island (and Prague) has to offer.

We started with the “Piqueo Casa Andina” which offered a mix of four delicious appetizers: chicken salad stuffed avocado, cheese stuffed casava crouquettes, a potato salad with huancaína sauce and a tuna-stuffed potato cake.  Even the small NHer got into the act and loved the mix.

Dinner for Mrs. NH looked like this:
Lomo en Totillas de Yuca Titicaca

It was described on the menu as “Lomo en Totillas de Yuca Titicaca, (Beef Sirloin Cuts, Piled in Between 2, from Yuca Golden Fried Tortillas).”  Got that?  The beef was delicious and the tortilla was incredible.  Our only gripe is that it was over-salted.  It hardly kept the plate from being cleaned, however.

I had this, yes, this:

Papa Rellena de Carne

Forgive the poor photography.  Because what it belies is some sort of a double baked potato (without skin) fried with pork, beef, raisins and hard boiled eggs nestled warmly in the middle.  Very Peruvian and very delicious.  Oh, and for those of you wondering what the yellow, mustard-looking sauce is, it’s the huancaína sauce.  The flavor is difficult to describe.  Go there, taste it for yourself and let me know what you think.

While you’re there, have a couple pisco sours.  Oh, man!  Pisco sours in Prague!

La Casa Andina is a new staple on our circuit.  Excellent service, incredible pisco sours, good location, and great food makes it my Latin American home away from home in Prague.  Bravo, Casa A, bravo!



  1. Thank you for this post, I am still new to wordpress so I felt like typing something so specific (like name of my favorite Peruvian restaurant) to see what happens. Well, I am impressed by both wordpress itself and delighted you totally described the way I feel about Casa Andina. I am not a native speaker so I enjoyed your writing too — I fully subscribe to your way you described your experience:

    While you’re there, have a couple pisco sours. Oh, man! Pisco sours in Prague!

    Excellent service, incredible pisco sours, good location, and great food makes it my Latin American home away from home in Prague. Bravo, Casa A, bravo!

    Being regular at Casa Andina made me friends with the owner, I guess this disclosure does not make me biased 🙂 Anyway, thanks for writing something I was happy to find here.

  2. Hello,
    I am a bit late with my comment, because I am completely new into this, but I would love to thank you from all my heart for your comment on my restaurant.
    I hope we will have in the future as many as possible satisfied guests as you and your friends were.

    Thank you very much for visiting our place !

    Martin Stefanek
    Casa Andina Prague

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