Big Daddy’s Eggplant Bruschetta with Pita Chips

Big Daddy's Eggplant Bruschetta with Pita Chips
Big Daddy's Eggplant Bruschetta with Pita Chips
My wife and I were relaxing on the couch during the young NHer’s naptime on Saturday and happened on an episode of the Food Network’s Aaron McCargo’s Big Daddy’s House.   We had seen him on some reality show and he may be new to the scene but one recipe he was making piqued our interest.  He made a few Greek-inspired dishes in this episode but the one that really stuck out was the Eggplant Bruschetta with Pita Chips.  I have some great oregano growing out on the porch this spring and the recipe seemed to be just what we needed to put the aromatic herb to use.

The recipe was simple, straightforward and really worth the chopping involved.  It was a relatively quick process and the finished product had some really complex flavors and textures working.  Mrs. NH and I both commented that we never thought eggplant and avocado would be a good combination but we were gobsmacked at the result.  The feta on the pita chips gave a nice saltiness to the dish and I can imagine it would also be great with goat cheese in place of the feta.

We ate it as an appetizer and followed it up with some Greek grilled chicken breasts and some goodies from the local Greek deli including haloumi stuffed peppers, tzatziki, giant Greek white beans with tomato and a nice bottle of Boutari Moschofilero.

There are still some leftovers in the fridge as I write this.  Wonder if I could sneak in there and gobble them up without anyone noticing.  Doubt it.



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