Kids Say the Funniest Things

Yesterday was Father’s Day at the NH household and we had a great celebration.  My little girl is getting older by the minute and the amount of conversation we have with her is increasing incrementally.  To illustrate, my wife sent me a Skype message the other week detailing a trip to the park in which my daughter owned most of the conversation.  Here’s a snippet:

Oh look, I see my shadow in the sand. I see my hair shadow. I see my neck shadow. Mommy, do you see your neck shadow. Mommy, do you have a neck? I have a neck. That boy on the swing has a neck. His mommy has a neck too! I’m wearing shoes. Ha, ha, I said shoes. Sorry mommy, I meant to say I am wearing tennis shoes. Are you wearing tennis shoes? That boy is wearing tennis shoes. His mommy is wearing tennis shoes. We are ALL wearing tennis shoes. Where are [her friends] Johnny and Mark? Look how far away my stroller is.”

…and on and on and on.  Oh, yeah.  And my favorite. “Weeee, this is fun. I am having fun in the park. I am happy. I’m not grumpy.”

We’re all thankful for that.  Fatherhood – the wordiest job you’ll ever love.

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