Cream Peach Pie

Cream Peach Pie
Cream Peach Pie

It was my birthday recently and getting older is an occasion to look forward to instead of dread all because of my dear wife.  Years ago, around the tender age of 24, she somehow mastered the art of my Grandma’s Cream Peach Pie.  (Just writing those words is enough to make me salivate.)  It’s a simple recipe that is full of flavor and says “summertime” like no other dish.  It became my de facto birthday “cake” several years ago after it beat out the previous champ, Anglefood Cake with Green Powdered Sugar Frosting.  (You know, because I’m not 12 anymore.)  Mrs. NH nails the cream peach pie every time with a just-slightly-liquid, gooey, cream and peach filling.

Yes, with this pie, Mrs. NH goes all out.  Even the crust is from scratch and boy, can you taste it.  I don’t have the recipe but I’m told it’s simple.  Deceptively so.  Peaches, cream and sugar.  It’s a throwback to my childhood and even though I’m getting older, eating it makes me feel like a kid again.

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