Metric “Fantasies” – Lightning Review

Metric - FantasiesIf there was one thing I liked about having an Emusic account (before I put it on hold last month), it was the occasional 1 out of 10 albums that I took a chance on and ended up loving.  The last band and album I discovered on Emusic was Metric and their latest LP “Fantasies.”  I came of age during the fluorescent pop days of the late 80’s and Metric manages to scratch that stylistic itch with their melodic, angular, chrome-pop sheen.  I hear The Breeders, The Cars, The Police and many of their cohorts in these songs and man, do I ever hear these songs.  In fact, I can’t get them out of my head.  Just writing this review will certainly lodge the track “Sick Muse” in my head for the remainder of the day.  Happily, with Metric being what it is, that’s not a bad thing.

Lead singer Emily Haines’ voice is a sexy, sweetened version of Kim Deal.  Of course, these songs wouldn’t be as catchy sung a capella and that’s where Metric’s incredible hooks come in.  The first four songs on the album could pass as a greatest hits record for some bands.  All are radio-ready pieces of hard candy-sweet, colorful song-craft.  There is no reason why this shouldn’t be the best selling summer record in America – save for the fact that the band does all of it’s business by itself.  Apparently, they’ve formed their own label (this is their fourth album) after dealing with the majors for years.

Some may find the album too slick or too poppish.  For me, that’s the whole charm of the album.  It’s an unabashed pop record with great hooks and great songs all slick and shiny and ready to burrow their way into your brain and stay lodged there.  Let ’em in and tell them to make themselves comfortable.


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