My Washington, DC Food Picks

5 GuysI’m headed to Washington for work soon, but the real reason I am going is to eat.  Anyone who follows this blog with any regularity knows that much of my energy is focused on food these days and this trip is no exception – at least in my mind.  The soul-crushing hours at the office will be made bearable by keeping my eyes on the prize and smiling through the day.  You see, I have these places to look forward to as well as some new places that I might just find along the way:

The Austin Grill – I used to wait tables there.  Carnitas and a Shiner Bock and, if there’s time, a ‘rita on the rocks.  I can taste it now!

The Old Ebbitt Grill – The raw bar, beer on tap and crab cakes.  Maybe Crab Cake Eggs Benedict – I think they call it “Eggs Chesapeake.”  That growl you hear is my stomach.

Five Guys – I haven’t tried Ray’s Hell Burger and some reviewers say it’s better than Five Guys.  Unfortunately, it’s out of the way for me and they don’t serve fries.  Sorry, I don’t want mac ‘n cheese with my burger.  Plus, there’s no way theirs could beat Mrs. NH’s.  Five Guys it is.

Captial Q – Not a heckuva lot of of BBQ to choose from in DC.  I think the Q might be as close as I get to the real thing.  Hmmm, I’ll bet they have Shiner, too.

El Pollo Rico – Spit roasted chicken with beans and rice.  Yum.

Jaleo is a “maybe” for me since the reviews I read are spotty.  Sangria and tapas at the bar are hard to beat, though.

Any more advice for me?


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