Hillary Being “Diplomatic”

I really can’t get enough of this video.  This is our nation’s top diplomat answering a poorly translated question while in Africa.  I’ve been on the butt end of plenty of poor translations; however, I haven’t acted like this.  Of course, I’m not married to Bill Clinton.  I can’t decide the emotion it makes me feel, schadenfreude, pity or shame.  All three, maybe?  Have a look:

UPDATE:  Wait!  There’s more!  Thanks for representing ALL of our country abroad, Madame Secretary.  OK, I’ve decided.  Now, it’s just shame.



  1. I have watched it several times as well. Hilarious. Tina Brown defended Hillary in an article on The Daily Beast, but not before mentioning Hillary’s hair (humidity is really bad in Africa…) and the fact that she hasn’t been able to make it to the gym, much recently because of her intense travel schedule (hmm- wonder what she means by that?)

    Don’t discount her being ticked about:
    1) being somewhere in backwater Africa (I think that’s close to BF Egypt) while Obama is fumbling over her signature issue- healthcare- here at home, and
    2) Ole Bill celebrating his birthday that day IN VEGAS with all of his old cronies—all the while basking in being responsible for (or at least getting the credit for) the most successful diplomatic effort of HILLARY’S tenure as SecState.
    Poor student with the bad translator had no idea what he was walking into

    • Well, now that I see it in print, your comment should have been the only text of this post. Says it all.

      Can you believe it? Seven months into hopeandchange and she’s still obsessed with former Presidents. W and Bubba must be proud!

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