Grilled Beef Carpaccio Pizza

There’s no mouth-watering picture to go along with this post, folks.  It was too late in the evening when I finally pulled the last pizza off the grill and I was tired, hungry and for some reason the Mrs. and I were both grumpy.  Must have been anticipation of Monday.  Bad mood aside, the pizza was a masterpiece.  It was funny how it came together, too.

A couple months back, I decided to make a double batch of pizza dough and freeze it just to see how it would turn out.  Well, after about an hour in the freezer, the dough decided to rise partially and busted through the saran wrap and the foil that I had wrapped around it.  My wife caught it after it had frozen in its “escape from Alcatraz” state and we decided to re-wrap it and see what would happen.  Fast forward two months – we set about thawing it in the fridge on Sunday morning and by about 5:00 it was completely defrosted.

With loosely formed pizza-for-dinner plans in place, Young NH and I took a trip to the grocery store on Sunday morning.  The grocery store is becoming more of a treat for me.  First, my daughter is much less prone to throwing screaming, red-faced, tear laden, where’s mommy fits in the middle of the store.  This makes shopping much more pleasant.  Second, the Albert grocery store in Sestka shopping mall is new, shiny, wide-aisled and never fails to surprise with some new product.  On this visit, the product was pre-cut beef carpaccio.  It looked great and I wanted it for a carpaccio appetizer but thought Mrs. NH would scoff at the idea – I was right.  She wouldn’t admit it but she scoffed.  But I gave her a graceful way out, having already formulated plan B, I decided that we would use it on the pizza.  It proved to be a good call.  Pizzeria Grosseto here in Prague serves a Carpaccio Pizza and this was our chance to see if we could perfect the dish at home.

100% on board with the Carpaccio Pizza idea, Mrs. NH made a tomato sauce laced with garlic and a [un] healthy dollop of heavy cream.  The sauce was really the lynchpin that brought the whole dish together.  It made the Edam, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan top grip the dough and really brought out the flavor of the beef carpaccio.  Oh, and for those of you wondering, the carpaccio was cooked.  Just nice thin rounds of tenderloin on top of the pizza.  It was a different pie than Grosseto’s but flavor-wise, I think it was better.

As for the bad mood, I think it just authenticated the experience – kind of like dining in a Czech restaurant.


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