Maids of the World: Stop Taking My Hangers!

Wire HangerOK, just a quick post to get something off my chest.  I came back to my room this afternoon after about six meetings and wanted to hang up my suit so I could get another week and a half of use out of it without necessarily looking like I have.  No dice.  No hanger.  Just the big, fat wooden ones in the closet that you can’t take anywhere because the don’t have real tops.  Never mind the fact that one wouldn’t even fit in my suit bag.

When I leave the house for two weeks, six cities and four countries, the way I pack is meticulous.  If I pack it, I need it.  So, why do maids of the world insist on taking away my wire hangers from the closet when they come to make up my room?  Where am I supposed to hang my suit on the way to my next country?

It happens all the time.  Inevitably, to rectify the injustice, I end up taking a suit off of one of the remaining hangers, trudging out in the hall to find the maid, use hand signals to ask for another and then go back to my room.  While waiting there I ponder why I’m such a type A twit and dig US currency out of my wallet with which to tip the poor maid who only felt like she was cleaning up clutter in the closet.  In a moment, there’s a knock at the door and a maid clutching about 10 wire hangers.  I say “thanks,” tip her a buck and feel even worse because a buck isn’t worth anything these days.  Well, nothing but about 10 wire hangers.


One comment

  1. how about putting the hanger in your suitcase while you’re out of the room? and if you can’t, carry it with you! maybe hide it in a crack in the room? and if you can’t find any at home its probably Little NH messing with ya!

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