Tewa – Naschmarkt – Vienna, Austria

Te Wa Sign

Situated smack dab in the center of Vienna’s Naschmarkt, Tewa feels suspiciously like it’s on a tourist clogged street in Mykonos.  Well, Mykonos or somewhere that organic, freshly prepared, Mediterranean food really thrives.

Te Wa BeerAs luck has it, Tewa is located in Vienna and only about a 4 hour drive from my garage.  The trip is worth every last mile.

I’ve already told you about the Naschmarkt, and Tewa is just another addition to the patina of flavors and sensory overload that the market offers.  As far as I can tell (I can’t translate the web site because it’s all in Flash), the philosophy of the restaurant is to offer organic, Mediterranean food.  I think it all may have been vegetarian, as well – but can’t recall.  There are lots of teas on the menu and some very fru-fru items but what I ordered was delicious and avoided high falutin’ pretense.

Mrs. NH and I both ordered the “Tewa’s Special with Falafel.”  It consisted of a tomato-eggplant sauce/salad, humus, Te Wa Falafelolives pita bread and freshly cooked falafel.  The flavors contrasted and meshed with each move of the tongue and were bright, full and light.  I enjoyed mine with a couple of beers and Mrs. NH enjoyed the Austrian/Italian “Spriz’s,” a craze she’s been riding lately.  It was a great lunch and it was difficult not to plan our next trip to Greece as we ate.

The surroundings add to the experience as well.  It’s situated in the middle of the market and stylish euros slithered in like well-dressed iguanas looking for a spot it the sun.  On this particular fall weekend, it was there and they lapped it up – big sunglasses, designer jeans and all.  Did I mention the people watching is almost as good as the food?

Te Wa CrowdTewa strikes the right notes on all levels.  The menu was good but focused (they had a tasty looking breakfast special offered as well but we had lunch) and the service was decent for a restaurant that was full to the gills.

We’ll be back; I just have to get bigger sun glasses.

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