Zunepass First Impressions

zunelogoI finally started my trial period of the Zunepass this weekend.  I was impressed by the new Zune software and all of the coverage for the new Zune HD’s has helped to build in a little more brand loyalty.  The 4.0 version of the Zune desktop software is really slick and stable.  Adding the Zunepass is just icing on the cake.  I spent an hour surfing the “marketplace” last night and ended up with 3 new bands that I’d never heard of and really ended up liking.  I’ll have more impressions as the days go on but I think my e-music subscription just got cancelled…



  1. Really? I signed up for the 10-day trial period, and was nonplussed. I’m far from an iPod guy, but having had one previously, I like the UI of iTunes better (but hate the way it hijacks your music).

    Answer me this… how do you build a playlist in Zune on your PC, and transfer it to your player? I still haven’t been able to figure it out.

    I’m not hating, but I haven’t been impressed.

    • I have never used iTunes so I’m not able to compare the two. But, to build the playlist, you drag songs or albums down to the playlist icon in the lower left-hand corner. Then, they’re saved in your Zune file (wherever you put it) and they have a .zpl extension. Then, to transfer to your Zune, you go “collection” and “music” on the left side and “playlists” on the right side and load it like you would an album. I’ll admit, it’s a strikingly non-Microsoft way of doing things but works fine for me.

      As for the Zunepass, It’s great for discovery. I go to the marketplace, look up a band I like and click “Smart DJ.” Then, it gives me a bunch of bands that are related. Lots that I’ve never heard of and some that I have. With the Zunepass, I can download one or all to listen to later on the go. So, you’re renting stuff with the Zunepass and you can buy it after you’ve given it a try or use the 10 credits per month toward your latest musical obsession.

      No, Microsoft hasn’t paid me anything for this. I just like the technology.

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