Hofbräuhaus Goes 21st Century (For the Kids)

Hofbrauhaus SpeisenKarte 2009The family and I were in Munich this weekend and made the requisite trip to one of the seven beer wonders of the world – the Hofbräuhaus.  It was about my 10th time there and it appears to have grown up as much as I have while still maintaining an intense love of beer.

The Hofbräuhaus is now 98%  kid friendly.  That fact might have bugged me a few years ago but now I love it.  My wife and I sat there for a As a result, it has become a real gathering spot for families.  We saw kids of all ages there.  I could actually feel good about showing my daughter a little “beer culture” while not subjecting her lungs to the ravages of second-hand smoke.  Plus, she got a chance to try out her Spanish and German and we got to dance and clap for the band.  Silly tourists?  Probably.  Mountains of family fun, definitely.

One more sign of the 21st Century rebirth and the Hofbräuhaus was the Dyson Airblade installed in the bathroom.  Gone are the dour looking women standing near the sink handing out towels to drunken tourists in exchange for inflated European coinage.  I’m glad to see that tradition gone.  Why on earth would I want to stick my freshly washed hands in a grubby pile of money?  Not to mention, the Dyson worked like a charm.  And if there’s anything I like better than drinking beer in Germany, it’s drinking beer in Germany and then washing and drying my hands with über-expensive gadgetry after I pee.


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