Churros and Nutella in Colmar, France

Yep, this is my excuse.  This is why I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks.  I was in Germany, France and Austria with the family and eating and drinking my way through Christmas markets in each country.  What you see above are Churros with Nutella at the Christmas Market in Colmar, France.  We discovered that they served churros in France while we were there last year.  I had no idea that the French did churros but I’m glad that they do.  They’re delicious.  And, the addition of Nutella actually gives them a little more of an everyman angle.  No fancy chocolate needed here, just a tub of Nutella about the size of bowling ball.

More on this trip in the coming days.  As you can imagine, we ate more than one Flammkuchen.  Stay tuned!


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