Krees Blessed the Rains Down in Africa

So an old college buddy of mine and his wife just ditched Texas for three months and headed down to live in Africa.  Kenya, to be exact.  He’s always been a bit of a wandering spirit, but he’s really gone whole hog this time.  He and his wife are working for the Hope Runs charity.  I told him that was an ironic name for a 3rd world charity organization.  I’m not sure if he didn’t laugh because it was a bad joke or because I just seemed extremely insensitive.  Maybe he just wasn’t listening.

Still, I’ve been following his blog and am blown away by the stories and pictures they’re sending.  It looks like every day there is something new.  Or maybe not.  There must be a lot of monotony and adjustment to do.  Imagine moving from a comfy life in Austin, TX to a place where the forks bend when you try to mash potatoes.  Seriously, check out his blog.  You’ll understand the title of this post if you do.

Oh, and because this song comes into my head every time I look at his site, here’s a little soundtrack for you:

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  1. kasperville says:

    I feel so special. Forever immortalized on nothemingway. Sniff, sniff. Tear. Dude, please stop writing about food. You are KILLING us.

  2. NotDavidsway says:

    Yeah. Not exactly the perfect thing to read when ur starving. my idea of dinner is a burger and some fries ‘cuz thats a texan dinner! but you then, of course, hit me with duck ragu with fresh fettucine it makes me go “dang” because now i know my stomach won’t settle for anything less now that it found out there is such a thing as vegetables.

    1. NotHemingway says:

      Dude, you are totally spamming the me. But thanks for looking anyway. Tell your bro and folks “hi.”

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