Duck Ragu on Fresh Fettuccine

I can’t believe the food we manage to turn out from this kitchen.

Yeah, no [kidding].

That’s a slightly redacted conversation my wife and I had last night as we cleaned up the kitchen after turning out home-made fettuccine topped by a succulent Duck Ragu. It was one of the more labor intensive and sophisticated dishes we have ever made. It’s also one that I would have been happy to serve to any discerning foodie.

Being a Sunday, we had time to cook this one. Good thing, as I ended up doubling the cooking time that was originally on the recipe. We adapted ours from the Mario Batali Duck Ragu recipe. His original steps only called for about 1.5 hours of simmer time. Ours had a good three hours. Our version also had a lot more wine in the sauce and we substituted prosciutto for the mushrooms. Consequently, the ultimate dish was a deep, ruby-red with really intense flavor. We made a thick (#5 on our hand-crank pasta maker) fettuccine noodle to stand up to the robust, rustic sauce.

Rounding out the meal on the drink side was a bold 2007 Querciabella Chianti Classico.  It was a classic meal on a cold Sunday evening.

So, as the folks in America were gearing up for some world championship football in the form of the Super Bowl, I was snug in my bed, with a belly full of world-class food.  Not a bad trade-off.  Admittedly, mine didn’t have commercials.

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  1. NotDavidsway says:

    True no commercials, but im sure that duck was BEGGING for one. looks delicious.

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