What I Did On My Winter Vacation

As February drew to a close, I was quite happy to see the month come to an end. It has been a cold winter and with the advent of March, the mind starts to churn with the coming promise of spring. Even if the temperatures don’t reach much above 40°F here, the sun has come out and melted all of that blasted, dirty snow.

I’ve been hibernating somewhat.  The Spain trip broke up the time but the rest has been work.  Except for the beautiful shades of green at either end of this post.  Yes, the promise of the green of spring.  Green.  Spring.  Green.

Those are Pimientos de Padrón.  The start and the finish.  Straight from Barcelona.  I cooked them myself.  I only wish I would have been the only one eating them.

Spring is springing.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Fredericksburg Flash says:

    Yum, Yum,
    I had my buddy start a dozen padron seeds for me. He has a greenhouse, and peppers need 80 degrees to germinate. THINK SPRING!

    1. NotHemingway says:

      Very cool. I hope they work for you. They’re really easy to fry up and 30 of them disappeared in about 8 seconds in my kitchen.

  2. kasperville says:

    Are those hot? What do they equate to? We want to try going some peppers when we get back.

    1. NotHemingway says:

      1 in 10 is hot. The rest are like a really flavorful bell pepper. The combination of the olive oil and good chunks of salt make them as scrumptious as a bowl of popcorn. You eat everything but the stem – seeds included. They actually have kind of a meaty flavor. Yum, I’m hungry just writing about them.

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