Alcachofas Laminadas (Fried Artichokes) at Ciutat Comtal – Barcelona, Spain

Sometimes, all it takes is one plate of something to justify a blog post. On my latest trip to Ciutat Comtal in Barcelona, Alcachofas Laminadas were that plate. It is a dish that only the Spaniards could pull off. It’s completely simple (artichokes, salt and oil), but so full of flavor and head-scratchingly brilliant in execution that it has to be applauded. The warm plate, which sort of resembles tiny crabs or sci-fi aliens, contains a crispy, salty, rich snack that is not to be missed. As a matter of fact, it’s a wonder that somebody hasn’t come up with the idea to bag these up and sell them at the gas station.

Wait, I just did.

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  1. Scampwalker says:

    Oh man. Good stuff. I get the feeling they’re probably a hell of a lot harder to make (and make right) than it would seem, too.

  2. NotHemingway says:

    Yeah, I’ll bet you’re right. The artichokes must be small, to boot. Maybe baby artichokes? I know I couldn’t get those here unless they were packed in oil. And that would just be a mush fest. Oh, well. Time to go back to Barcelona!

  3. No Bar snack better on the planet.

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