Minnie Mouse Cake

Mrs. NH had been talking about making this cake for Little NH’s birthday for the last several weeks. She was pretty much obsessed with the idea. There were pictures of Minnie Mouse cakes all over my PC desktop, scattered about like newspaper clippings collected by a madman. She had me print out full-page templates of Minnie’s mug and then proceeded to stab holes through them with a crochet needle. After the holes were stabbed, she’d sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa through them to form the perfect outline. She practiced outlining on paper with cocoa and then piped frosting onto the paper.  She persevered as the weeks rolled on despite my gentle ribbing.

I guess I knew she could do it. She’s done impossible projects like this in the past and they always seem to work out. Once she sinks her teeth into something, she’s like rabid terrier – she won’t let go. Still, the results were well beyond my wildest imagination. It was perfect. The colors were right; the shapes were right – every last thing worked. Not to mention, it tasted really, really good.

The folks at the birthday party were awed, Little NH was really happy she had a Minnie cake, and I was, well, just a little bit humbled. After nearly 13 years of marriage, it’s fun to know that the Mrs. can still surprise me with the things she can do. It’s even more fun that she can surprise herself.


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