Building a Bass Guitar – Part 2 (Painting Body and Neck)

I’ve been waking up early and painting by moonlight to get this guitar properly finished.  The body coat is proving to be a real bear.  Little cans of green spray paint (I’ve gone through four) don’t cover like an air brush.  It’s kind of an awkward undertaking in the confines of my balcony as well.  There are newspapers spread all over the place, the guitar is hanging off the back of a porch chair to dry, and I’m usually in a 3M mask (originally purchased for a bird flu outbreak) tending to it all.  Yeah, it’d be enough to scare the neighbors if they looked over the wall.  I think Mrs. NH is questioning my sanity.

I’m headed to Kyiv this week so expect a break in bass progress reports.  I’m looking forward to visiting some favorite restaurant haunts.



  1. First things first – to acrylic paint well, you have to paint like you do not pay for the color! If you want a nice paint finish, you must apply the right amount of color. You do not spread paint just because you want to save money or for some other reason. For color and we forget the cost of paint and apply a nice, smooth, thick layer.

  2. Well, “colorock,” I appreciate a good scolding from an expert any time I can get one but facts are facts. I’m in the Czech Republic. I bought three cans of green metallic paint in the Hornbach two weeks ago. I went back to buy more this weekend and there was only one can on the shelf and I even had to hunt for that. Restocking is not a priority here.

    But yes, in case of paint, more is better. Hopefully I have good luck with the clear coat.

    Thanks for the visit!

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